“You are the Center of the Universe”


That’s what the Dalai Lama said in “Wheel of Time”, an amazing documentary by German filmmaker Werner Herzog which captures the faith of thousands on an annual pilgrimage to Bhod Gaya, the Indian village in which Buddha is thought to have attained enlightenment.

Herzog captured the Kalachakra initiation, an amazing 12 day initiation process for Buddhist monks creating a large wheel of time out of sand.

The sand mandala is a symbol of what lies within our vast consciousness.  It connects us to the outer cosmos.

In the film, pilgrims were also show prostrating their bodies as they approached a sacred mountain representing center of the Universe…but as the Dalai Lama so aptly said, “each one of us is the center”.

Maybe this seems a little esoteric, if you haven’t studied Buddhism, but it’s actually quite apparent.

We create our reality.  And our reality manifests through us.   Symbols serve as reminders, even reinforcements to that concept.  Mountains, sand paintings, chants, but the reality is right here right now.

So what do you wish to create?


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