Reiki 3: A journey towards self-mastery

This weekend I have the honor and privilege of working with several students and masters-in-training on the third level of Usui Reiki.

Each time this course is taught, deep and profound inner transformations begin to occur in those brave enough to embark on such a path.

Reiki 3 introduces a student to the master symbol, Dai Kyo Myo, the great light which resides within.  That light is really our total essence.  So as we attune to it and perform ritual and ceremony to bring about clarity of the inner brightness, amazing and wonderful things begin to occur.

We begin to shine as the torchbearers of our own inwardly expressed truth.  There is no turning back.  You walk through the door of Reiki 3, you can’t walk back out unchanged.

The same is true for all levels of Reiki, but 3, well, lets just say, this is the space I’ve seen people change their jobs, their names, and their relationships within a few weeks of taking the class.

Can inner light be that strong?  Yes.  The light is nurtured by one’s own compassion and wisdom to the spiritual path.  The way I teach this level, we do many various exercises and rituals to explore these two concepts.

So, I embrace what lies ahead this weekend knowing that each path begins with a single step.



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  1. James Bulls
    Jun 24, 2011 @ 09:39:29

    Congratulations to the new masters 🙂

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