The joy of mulch

Red cedar to be specific.  Actually, 15 twenty-five pound bags all laid out an neatly covering the front lawn of the Reiki sanctuary.

It was my first experience putting down that much mulch.

The fragrance of the wood was intoxicating.  Breaking apart the clumps and scattering them about was artistic.  Seeing the lawn develop a whole new hue was inspiring.

Somehow, three hours magically passed by.  This was a transcendence in time.

I get a tremendous amount of joy looking at that mulch, not the effort involved in laying it about, but what the overall effect is.  It brings in the sacredness of the Zen garden we started in our backyard last year.  It creates an open field full of potential.

I planted several new flowers, in honor of the Reiki classes taught this weekend.  For each class, this will be my way of bringing a lasting memory into the grounds.

I think I ‘get’ why gardening and landscaping can be so enjoyable.  Because I’m not done with this project.  I’ve got a little bit more land that begs for this ground cover.  Another sun-filled weekend awaits.


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