Sometimes it takes a village to recover health

This whole weekend has been for me a deep appreciation of friends and community.  Maybe it’s no coincidence it culminated in the celebration of our country’s founding.

I had been sick with a bad summer cold for days and days and it lasted into my quarterly writing retreat, where my friends did the writing and I ended up in retreat! Although, some work on my e-book did manage to get accomplished and a short story about Reiki and children gained some bones.

Then, the magic of self-healing, inspired by writers and magnified by the beautiful weather and support of my local ‘village’ allowed much of my spirit to slowly return.

Enough so that the Reiki sanctuary lawn is now a majestic carpet of cedar mulch with flowers and greenery popping forth.

Spending hours tending to our communal alleyway garden I became more closely aligned with my neighbors and history of the surrounding land.

Finally, the charming roof of our spa shelter became transformed through a bit of hard work and friendship.

Seeing the fireworks to finish off this journey was truly a celebration of health, heritage and appreciation for friends and neighbors.  I still feel a little tired from some of the exertion, but inspired for the week ahead and the connections yet to be made.


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