The beginning of the cycle: Reiki 1

Today, another Reiki 1 class is being facilitated changing the lives of more people in the world.  I estimate I have taught about 150 such classes during my career as a Reiki master.  Every time it is a different and unique experience, depending upon the make-up of the students present.

Have they ever experienced energy work before?  Do they know what a chakra is?  What brings them to the class-self-healing or healing for others?

Always an interesting adventure and one that is full of discovery and insights.

As my advanced Reiki students progress on their path, they come in to such classes to co-facilitate and learn for themselves how much they have witnessed since they took that initial step.

If we have beautiful weather, we often taken our practice outdoors.  Sometimes we bring sound healing tools like didjeridoos and singing bowls into the mix for both a fun break and a way of showing how vibration does affect the energy field.

Reiki 1 I the beginning.  The awareness of what it is all about comes in the months that follow, through practice on self and others through sessions and circles.

But it is a doorway.  Once you pass through, the world never looks quite the same.


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