The Reiki biz is not like selling pickles

I love pickles, so they were there at our Duwamish BBQ yesterday to nosh on and ended up illustrating the point to Reiki friends about the ups and downs and ins and outs of the Reiki biz.  It rained a bit but the pickles stayed dry.

Reiki business is about connection and communication to the clients and students you serve.  It involves you as the provider (whether teacher/practitioner or both) reaching out to those you will work with.  You must be knowledgeable, professional, available, able to relate, friendly, and kind.

Selling pickles, on the other hand, is producing in mass quantity and getting the product to as many distribution centers as possible.  I don’t think people care if the pickles are ‘kind’.

However, I would say there is a commonality with selling anything, that is, the consumer expects a ‘yummy’ result from the interaction of either a pickle or a Reiki session/class. We are talking different degrees of yumminess here, and obviously a Reiki session or class can stir up a heck of a lot more than chowing on a gherkin could ever do.  But what I’m talking about is customer satisfaction.  Essentially, pared down, is the same.

It was a fun musing on a rainy day, although I did manage to grill burgers and franks and after we ate our meal, we shared our left-over bread with the Canadian Geese who came from each direction in 4 groups of 4.  Another magical connection to the wildlife of the river.


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  1. Linda
    Jul 24, 2011 @ 16:40:23

    As I am embarking on a part time Reiki business, this is definitely fine commentary and food (albeit tart) for thought. I might just buy myself a small jar of pickles and put it on my altar just to remind me of the bottom line! Thanks – Linda

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