Making time for your creativity

Today is the first Artist’s Lounge of many at the Reiki Sanctuary.  It’s often a challenge to find time for that inner artist, and often fears come out about ‘not being worthy’ to devote the space to let your muse shine.

The Artist’s Lounge is just for such a purpose.  Come out and play!  But also, dedicate yourself to your creative passion.

I’m working on some Native American-inspired rattles today, for prizes at an upcoming Reiki Fellowship outreach we are doing in Bothell.  But I’ll also attend to my e-book and I’ve got some other ideas perculating….but of course, there’s only so much time!

I learned long ago that if this time isn’t honored, especially for someone who thinks ‘outside the box’, you end up cultivating a slow, painful ache that never quite goes away.

So, every Thursday from 9am-5pm the Sanctuary is set up for this.  For more info, you can visit our site:

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