Call for Reiki Artists

The Reiki Digest is having a call for Reiki Artists.  The deadline is tomorrow, so get your pieces in to be considered!

I’ve been doing various paintings throughout the years, this last one, ‘Across the Universe’ is 6’x4′ cardboard with acrylic and will be our display for the upcoming Bothell Awesome August Kid’s Day outreach for the Reiki Fellowship.  Children will draw on handprint cut-outs and place them all over the Universe!

This one, ‘The Flower Within’ is 12″x10″ and is mixed media acrylic and was done several years ago when I was ending one phase of my life and beginning the next.  Much of the collage had been burnt and re-arranged to imply the transition into the new phase.

Lastly, ‘Spiral Journey’ is 3’x2′ and is acrylic on canvas and familiar to many coming to the Reiki Sanctuary as it hangs above the fireplace mantle.  I still haven’t found a frame I like for it!  It was conceived when a message from my past reminded me so much of my present and how time, like the spirals, is really an illusion and any memory can take you quickly back or forward into insight.

So, I hope some of you will apply for the contest.  Shine your creative light!!


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