Insight Reiki: Taking Reiki to the Next Level Pt. 1

I’ll be teaching the next round of Insight Reiki on Sunday, July 31, 2011.

When I began working in counseling centers on the East Coast in the early nineties, I noticed that clients avoided addressing many parts of a session. I got the feeling that what clients didn’t say or show told you the most about them. I couldn’t ignore the fact that much more was going on in the session than the dialogue we were exchanging. I began to sense problems lurking behind polite smiles. Sometimes I even saw what I later learned were energy fields around them, which would fluctuate in color, depending on the client’s mood.

As I pursued Reiki studies, energy techniques began to ease their way into the environment of my sessions, and the basis for Insight Reiki was born.

As a client would talk about his or her emotional reactions after getting fired or left by a spouse or some other troubling event, I would begin to send Reiki to them. I would intuitively begin to sense what parts of their energetic body were holding on out of scarcity and fear. I “asked” Reiki to continue to flow during each session, and on several occasions, I was called to place my hands gently over a client’s shoulders or forehead. I would ask them if they were OK to have me practice this stress reducing method I had learned.

I found presenting the Reiki and counseling techniques this way so simple and invigorating that I began to teach some of the methods to my clients. I witnessed incredible changes in their personal lives. Clients who were previously unable to achieve any true insight or direction were now able to connect with their own passions for career and life changes they needed to make for living more fully.

Pt. 2 tomorrow.


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