Insight Reiki: Taking Reiki to the Next Level Pt. 2

Over the last thirty years, other professional organizations, such as the European Association of Body Psychotherapy and the United States Association of Body Psychotherapy have provided support for the integration of bodywork and counseling approaches.

There are no specific limitations or ethical restrictions of utilizing counseling approaches within the confines of a Reiki session in either the code of ethics for the Associated Bodywork & Massage Professionals or the International Association of Reiki Professionals. However, I feel it should be made clear to clients that the Reiki practitioner is NOT a therapist and that Insight Reiki is NOT a substitute for therapy.

I’ve found that students having a background in which they’ve offered help to others—volunteering, professionally doing social work, nursing, or at least an equivalent amount of their own self-help work—assists the process of learning Insight Reiki because they’ve already encountered the necessity of having bodicitta, or loving kindness, when working to help someone. If they’ve never had this opportunity, then before they go out and see clients, I recommend at least a year or more of working with people in this capacity, giving Reiki at Reiki circles, volunteering through hospice or nursing homes, and/or doing their own therapy.

Because practitioners come to the session with Reiki as their base, they already understand what it means to have faith in a Universal Energy. That is love and light, and it guides the session so much more than the practitioner.

If you approach each session with a full and open heart, surrendering over to Reiki as your guide, and follow the basic protocol for opening and closing a session, then what happens in between is divine. It is an honor for you to bear witness to it.

Insight Reiki Benefits

  1. Engages the healing power of touch. This therapy alone is reaffirming.
  2. Is a multi-dimensional approach and can be used with diverse populations.
  3. Aids in unblocking and releasing the bio-energetic field.
  4. Allows the client to experience his or her whole being instead of just the intellect/cognition.
  5. Reaffirms client’s presence, allowing him or her to feel/intuit what is and isn’t real.
  6. Presents the truth for the client to deal with. A person can argue with words and avoid facing reality. But the body doesn’t lie—it holds memories, fears, hopes, and dreams.
  7. Facilitates the client going into the “void,” often called a “trance state” and is similar to the collective unconscious Jung spoke of. Here the person will find answers to many important and pressing questions.

Like most endeavors related to bodywork, the process is difficult to intellectualize because it involves both body and mind.

Reiki practitioners certified through the Reiki Training Program become adept in using Insight Reiki in treatment sessions if a client requests it.  Insight Reiki to be offered Sunday, July 31st, 2011.


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