Ask the Reiki Master: Reiki and Money

Tomorrow evening, 7/26 from 7-8pm at East West Bookshop in Seattle we’ll have another roundtable discussion with my students called “Ask the Reiki Master”.  I have been leading these meetings for the last 2 months and they have provided a forum in which to take a topic and further explore it, outside of class with greater depth and perspective of the insights and reflections of other students present.

Tomorrow’s talk will focus on Reiki and Money.  I already did a blog about the bittersweetness of these two topics coming together.  Now we get to explore what exactly do we mean when we talk about cashola!

There are many, many schools of thought out there regarding healing and income.  Some say give/do Reiki for free.  Others say charge all you can.  I’m always a middle path walker, so I believe there is room for both.

We do a lot of outreach that’s often voluntary through the Reiki Fellowship and Reiki demos at festivals that are free.  That always feels right to me.

But charging for one’s time and space for sessions and classes is a different matter.  Value who you are and the effort and your own resources you’ve utilized to become a practitioner.

I’d like to see the bar on Reiki raised.  That comes when a vocation is officially recognized.  The Training Program is one model, being the only state licensed vocational school of Reiki.  But let’s raise the bar higher.  As practitioners, we all should be charging around the same amount for classes and sessions.

We know Reiki works, we know it’s valuable and we live in a consumer and capitalist society.  So charge!

And give room for pro-bono work and offerings.  But if, at the end of the day, you are dissatisfied with what you earn from Reiki then, make a change.

Find other opportunities to supplement your income, take a break from Reiki practice, do what you need to in order to feel ‘supported by the Universe’.

Anyway, more to come, I’m sure after our meeting tomorrow night.  I’ll try to record a podcast and put it up!


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