Is it ok to do ‘Sneaky Reiki’?

One of my students recently asked me if it was alright to ‘sneak a kiss’ to his girlfriend while giving her a Reiki session.  They called it ‘Sneaky Reiki’, which is quite cute.

Love is a beautiful thing.  Reiki is a beautiful thing, the two together are quite magical.  My answer was ‘yes’, of course, it is ok to sneak a kiss into a Reiki session with your significant other.  But the fact that he had to ask reminded me of what it’s like when you do begin the Reiki path.

As students, we rightfully so, consider Reiki quite a sacred process.  We aren’t sure what’s ok to put in or leave out of a session, especially with our friends, family and loved ones, usually the first people we ‘try out’ our Reiki work in.

A kiss with one’s beloved is a sacred gesture, and Reiki is a sacred gesture, that together are expressions of the beauty of love.  I feel that bringing the two together can unite the sacred into the ‘mundane’.

But I also emphasized, of course, that when we talk of giving Reiki to others outside our intimate circle, a proper boundary is required.  That’s easy to understand, but I have heard of Reiki circles where practitioners have kissed recipients on their forehead without asking if that was OK.  I’m big on honoring boundaries, and unless there is consent, I would consider that act a break in boundaries.

When there is a break in boundaries, the session or situation feels unsafe and in some instances can produce more harm that good.

With one’s significant other, this is different territory.  There is consent for expressions of emotion.  But I also emphasized that it’s also just as powerful to give one’s beloved a ‘straight Reiki’ session.  The power of touch and holding space is quite intimate with or without a kiss.  I have learned so much about my partner’s energy field, state of mind, and level of emotional sharing just by offering a ‘regular’ Reiki session.  Both ‘sneaky’ and ‘non-sneaky’ ways of doing Reiki have much to offer.

Sweet but poignant thoughts for another aspect of walking through the Reiki journey.


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  1. Carolyn Bonnin
    Jul 27, 2011 @ 09:35:23

    Enjoyed reading this blog entry!!!

  2. foresightyourctpsychic
    Jul 27, 2011 @ 09:47:46

    Think the sneaky kiss is charming. It’s funny that permutations Reiki can go through when it’s part of a personal relationship as opposed to a professional one.

    For instance, my husband and I are both Reiki masters. And I have noticed that, , when I’m not feeling well, when I go to bed, even if he is asleep, he will roll over ad start sending Reiki to me out of the chakras in his hands and feet.


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