Bringing Reiki to Children pt. 1

Teaching Reiki to children is one of the most rewarding experiences a Reiki master can have.  Over the last ten years of my career I’ve had the honor to work with many children and their parents and currently mentor my Reiki master students who are building their careers in teaching exclusively to children.

Jumping in and getting your feet wet is part of the fun.  But creating a successful class does involve some preparation and consideration of the different ages you will be working with.

Different Approaches to Difference in Ages

If they are under 5, most children I have worked with have a natural propensity for working with energy.  Children this young seem to naturally ‘get’ what Reiki is about.

Children’s attention spans are also limited, so although an adult might comfortably sit through a weekend workshop, for those who are younger, they can only follow the class for a few hours.

But in that limited time, a Reiki master is still able to convey the essence of Reiki as well as pass attunements.

In working with those 5 and younger, I’ve found the term ‘Reiki present’ or ‘Reiki gift’ a great way to explain what an attunement is.  I often have the children’s parent come to the class, if possible, so that their child can sit on their lap while I am passing the attunement.

After the attunement, having drawing supplies available helps children integrate their experience, as explaining verbally their feelings might be a challenge.

Another statement that might help young children give words to their experience is the simple phrase, “How do I feel now?”.  Most children can say whether they are mad, sad, glad, happy, etc.  One 4 year old I attuned, actually said afterwards that she felt ‘calm’, which for her was a big word!

School age to pre-teen children can often manage a longer class or one split up over several days.

(pt. 2 continues tomorrow.  This blog is part of an article to be published in International Reiki Magazine’s Fall edition)


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