Bringing Reiki to Children pt. 2

“Try it and See”

I usually emphasize to all ages that you ‘can’t force Reiki’ and use the example of trying to make their little brother or sister ‘behave’.  A great phrase that came from one’s children’s group was ‘Try it and see’.

So when children ask me if they can stop their sibling from fighting with them by giving them Reiki, I always say , ‘You can’t force Reiki on someone if they don’t want it, but try it and see’.

A better approach, I’ll often state, is telling the child to give themselves Reiki, to ‘check-in’ with how they are feeling and then they can decide if they want to keep fighting or leave the situation.

One young student asked me if he could put a ‘Reiki bubble’ around his troublesome brother.  As a practitioner, I’m often wary of putting shields and bubbles around people without their consent, so I usually advise students that ‘sending a bubble of love and light’ is a nice offering, but as always, ‘try it and see’!

That student later told me he gave himself Reiki while his brother was bothering him and then the brother stopped and went on to do something else.  The power of self-containment in action!

Considerations in Creating Your Reiki for Children Class

Several of my master students are preparing to teach children’s groups exclusively.  They have asked me about how to market such a class.

Just like for adults, having a safe and comfortable space for training is a starting point.  Check to see if the space you will use has liability insurance and as a professional, you should have your own as well. is a great organization to offer such coverage.

Being professional is absolutely paramount in working with children and their parents.  You might think about investing in a ‘Reiki uniform’.  One of my master students wears colorful hospital scrubs with child-friendly patterns when teaching.

Next, begin to build a supply of arts, crafts and drawing supplies.  Integrating this element into the Reiki class makes it fun and gives a child their own self-made souvenir of the day.

If the age group is young, it might be helpful to have the child’s parent there for the first class, and subsequent classes, you can work with another colleague.

Do you have a favorite story you like to tell about the Reiki history or about healing work?  Bone up on your storytelling skills, another great way to convey information in an entertaining way.

Do you have other toys, instruments or games that could add to the class.  This is your time to get creative!

(The rest of the article will appear in the Fall edition of International Reiki News Magazine)


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