A call for new connections in the Golden State

I will be spending extended time in both San Francisco and Santa Monica this year and as I head south I am open to meeting and working with others interested or on the Reiki path.

I am reaching out to yoga, martial arts and Pilates studios as well as community centers.  Any referrals would be appreciated!

The Reiki Training Program and Fellowship will continue to expand in Seattle and Spokane through the diligence of the Reiki masters and practitioners who already are actively teaching.

I will return intermittently to Seattle and continue to manage and monitor inquiries and registrations from the “virtual world”.

I am open to places that would be interested in utilizing the model of the Reiki Training Program and Fellowship as well as provide space for sessions and circles to take place.

Several times in my career I have moved to different cities (Philadelphia and then Seattle) and in both places the opportunities that presented themselves were synchronistic and more than adequate for the requirements of this work.

So, I put the call out on my social media, I put the desire into my Universe Jar, and at the end of the day, I practice what I always do, the delicate art of surrender!!!  So mote it be!


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