Don’t Scare the Straights

Getting Reiki into mainstream settings is probably one of the biggest challenges I have faced as a practicing professional.  But there are many things to keep in mind if you feel called to do such work.

It helps if you have a traditional background or education to back up your Reiki practice.  In my case, I am a licensed mental health counselor with a master’s degree.  If you don’t have a formal education, are you a parent?  Do you volunteer in local organizations?  What other non-woo things are you involved in?

Dress and speak like a competent professional.  In Reiki circles and classes its usually casual dress with an occasional Enya-inspired outfit.  Going out into the mainstream, I have blazers, dresses, etc.  I leave my crystal jewelry at home.

The other, when you are corresponding with the organization you want to work with, always be professional.  I tend to begin my emails to friends and students  ‘Reiki Greetings’ and sign them ‘in light, Eileen’, but when it comes to writing to other businesses, it’s always, ‘Dear Ms.Mr.’ and concluding ‘Sincerely’.

Then, when it comes to explaining what Reiki is and why it can be of benefit you have reduced the initial ‘fear factor’ many mainstream individuals and organizations have when it comes to what they often perceive as ‘mysterious energy work’.

Do your research.  The Center of Reiki Research has a whole plethora of articles and studies to help educate in a more scientific manner.

Be prepared to give a Reiki demo to whom you are speaking with.  I say this from experience, it is possible to give a mini-session in high-heels, but I try to remember to wear flats to initial meetings for this reason.

Tell the person/organization that there are over 3,000 books on Reiki listed on, but because there is no official ‘standard’ of Reiki training, they might find in their own research a whole variety of forms.

Finally, after the meeting, follow-up with a thank-you email, any additional references required and then send Reiki to your endeavor!  If it’s supposed to happen it will.  My outreach to the veteran’s center took 2 years.  My outreach to Ronald McDonald house took one day!  It just depends.  Have faith, be professional, and shine that light!


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