Are you a sensitive traveler? pt. 1

Do you find, that while on a trip, you  get overly tired, suffer occasional pangs of anxiety  or are overly attentive to what is going on all around you?  If this seems to be the case, learning more about what it means to be a ‘sensitive’ person and how to protect and nurture yourself while away from home can help ease the stress and pain you sometimes feel.

Dr. Elaine Aron in her research and work identifies “The Highly Sensitive Person” (book by same name,1996) as one whose increased awareness to space, noise, light, food and being around other people can create feelings of depression, anxiety, and panic which can interfere with their ability to fully enjoy the richness of this gift and the experiences in all areas of their lives, including while traveling.

As a world traveler, Reiki master/practitioner and fellow sensitive person, I have often been aware of my feelings and reactions to the energies of people and places around me.  Often, while visiting sites of historical importance, such as the cemeteries and battlefields in Europe, I have become so overwhelmed by the degree of sensitivity I was feeling, ‘picking up’ on the past events that had occurred there, I thought I would not be able to complete my journey.  Feeling the actual ‘pain and suffering’ of the individuals who fought and died there was at times amazingly real to me.  On other occasions I have spent an afternoon in a sacred and long-revered place, such as a cathedral in France or a mosque in Western Turkey.  This almost always puts me in an overwhelming state of bliss, from the hundreds of years of worship and devotion emanating from the buildings themselves.

Along the way, I have learned techniques to use my sensitivity to my advantage, resulting in many  unforeseen opportunities and gifts  I might otherwise not been aware of.

Using techniques from a range of cultures, I have developed a helpful ‘sensitivity tool kit’ that both my clients and I use to enable us to enjoy our travels in a more relaxed manner. Some of these methods include the practice of mindfulness meditation, keeping a dream journal, and learning exercises to help one feel ‘grounded.   I also advocate the further development of one’s intuition to help act as an extra guide along on one’s travels.

Pt. 2 continues tomorrow with techniques for practice


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