Practicing Reiki in isolation

Yesterday I received a call from a Reiki master, Greg, in the heartland of Iowa.  He had found me through an article I wrote for International Reiki News Magazine.

He had lived on the West Coast where he used to teach martial arts, but had been in a car accident and returned to his family in Iowa to recover.  Unfortunately, while there, he was involved in another car accident and was pretty much bound to the corn field landscape for the forseeable future.

He expressed the isolation he felt in the midwest, of not having the ability to tap into spiritual community in his conservative town.  The central city nearest to him was several hundreds of miles away.

We talked about being able to ‘tap in’ through doing distance Reiki, through online forums, but I understand, quite well, it’s not your live and vibrant Reiki community.

Practicing Reiki in isolation is a challenge and can make you doubt there even is a connection to this higher source.

But I told Greg of my own experiences, when I have traveled far away from home.  Although I don’t have my community at my doorstep, I still can give myself a treatment, send to my own situation as well as to the world, and maybe, just maybe, that beaming of light begins to attract me to and others to me who share similar interests.

Also, practicing Reiki on and in nature is a way to remind you that yes, indeed, this force does exist, even if the people around you just don’t seem to ‘get it’.

Reii practice, just like Reiki itself is fluid and will adjust to you.  Give yourself permission to receive that insight and then be prepared to be surprised.


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