In the Footsteps of Takata

The Reiki Fellowship has the honor of sponsoring the last taught Reiki master of Hawayo Takata to come to Seattle November 11th-13th, 2011.

Rick Bockner trained with Sensei Takata and became a Reiki master in the Usui tradition.  My dear colleague and master student Anicka Hedglin had the honor of meeting Rick at a recent workshop and invited him to come to our town to speak and pass on his wisdom.

Whether you are just starting your Reiki path or have been practicing for years, enjoy an unforgettable weekend at lovely Camp Burton retreat center on majestic Vashon Island with this incredible teacher.  Rick will perform a Reiki-infused musical concert at the end of each workshop day.

Friday 11/11:  Reiki 1 (open to all levels) Spend the day immersed in the gentle practice of hands-on healing.  Hear stories passed down by Takata and how they relate to the essence of Reiki.  Participate in Reiki exchanges with classmates and gain a new perspective on what healing energy can do.

Saturday 11/12:  Reiki 2 (for Reiki 1 through master practitioners)  Delve further into the distance healing method of Reiki as taught by Takata.  Gain new appreciation for Reiki symbols and their infinite applications.  Enhance your Reiki practice with symbol infusion!

Sunday 11/13:  Reiki 3 (for Reiki 2 through master practitioners)  Expand your awareness of what the Reiki master symbol can teach you.  Learn Takata’s way of embodying Reiki mastership and rekindle your own appreciation for the transformational power of Reiki 3.

November 11th-13th.  Workshop will be $700 for 3 days.   $195 for Reiki 1 only.  $250 for Reiki 2 only.  $400 for Reiki 3 only.  Food and lodging additional and affordable/day.  Individual sessions with Rick available upon request.

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