Mobilizing your Reiki Team

I’ve found that in order to keep making Reiki events, classes and opportunities manifest and succeed it is imperative to know how to motivate as well as mobilize your team.

That sounds more management strategy than spiritual movement, but it is the necessary piece of making this work a part of the real world.

So, how do you motivate people?  It’s not as simple as getting a bunch of pom-poms and shouting, ‘Go Reiki Go!’, although that sense of enthusiasm certainly helps!  Promoting an event or coordinating a workshop, I find the parts of that ‘job’ that really excite me and also notice the parts that excite the other colleagues I’m working with.    We collaborate and parcel out the various tasks so there is a healthy mix–of exciting ‘action items’ with the routine tasks that need to get done.

I’m also really big on giving praise where praise is due.  When I see colleagues stepping up to the plate, taking leadership roles, coming up with new ideas, I go out of my way to acknowledge those efforts.  Not because it’s the ‘pc’ thing to do, but because genuinely, I am impressed.

Motivation, I feel, leads to mobilization.  Having that excitement is stored energy.  As it gets released, it makes things begin to happen.  When it’s not, something is out of kilter and needs to be addressed.  So, this is another part of managing a team, and that requires the other skill of communication.

Some people love the phone, some love in-person conversations, some love e-mail and text.  How do your team members communicate?  Use the channel that works for them and find out what their needs, wants and desires are.  Find out where they are feeling stuck with the project, maybe they need more information or education on a certain process.  Maybe life, in general, has just gotten in the way.  You won’t know until you ask.

When you are in charge, you are leading, but leading also means listening.  The two can’t exist without the other.

The art of listening takes practice, but you can use Reiki to help you along, because a really good listener is one who ‘get’s out of the way’ and is a compassionate witness, just like a Reiki practitioner.

Part 2 continues tomorrow with more strategies for manifesting your vision through your Reiki team.


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