How do you keep yourself motivated?

Yesterday I wrote about how to motivate your team, but how do you, as the leader or mover and shaker keep yourself full of momentum?

One secret, known to all Reiki practitioners, is to actually be still in the flow of Reiki.  Seems counter-intuitive, right?  You’d think of the common law that says ‘an object that is in motion, stays in motion’…but going within is inner motion, inner observation and often allows us time to renew and gain fresh perspective on the situation at hand.  Coming out of that reflection, we can then have the energy needed to complete what needs doing.

Another great motivator is music and art, both making and taking it in.  It fills the well of our souls when they need replenishing.

For those of us in the helping professions, I think it is important to have visual reminders of your accomplishments, such as an organized desk or task list that has been well attended to.  Working with people, it’s often not very apparent the changes that you are assisting with, many are internal to your clients and students.

I also keep a scrapbook as a visual reminder of all the article’s I’ve written, press announcements and thank-you letters from clients.

And at the end of the day, I do a mental checklist of what I’ve been proud of or what had inspired me and take those thoughts with me into sleep so the next morning I can greet the day and be motivated to forge ahead!


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