Reiki technique for anxiety

Over the years I’ve realized the benefit of taking a few minutes and giving my solar plexus and heart Reiki when that familiar bubbling sense of anxiety creeps upon me.  Social settings, speaking engagements, auditions…are all anxiety-provoking for me on a varying scale depending on the situation.  But all in all they are manageable.

Lately, I’ve been involved in numerous projects that all have hard and fast deadlines attached to them.  Maybe it’s the word, ‘deadline’…obviously you won’t die if you don’t meet the date, but something might.

Yesterday, my anxiety level peaked to a place I have never experienced before.  An unpleasant tingling all throughout my body and sense that I was several feet out of my body persisted much of the afternoon.

Meditating, trying to ‘blow it off’, going for a walk, nothing was switching it.

Finally, I tried my old solar plexus/heart Reiki hand position and let the sensation totally overtake me.  It felt as if the whole room was immersed in anxiety!  My cat Comet, who was laying next to me actually reached out his paw and touched my shoulder as if to say, “You can do this”.

So with a little prodding from Comet I just breathed completely into being in the sense of overwhelm.  I then began to do an internal guided meditation, relaxing every single muscle I could remember and let the relaxation response exist in the anxiety.

Getting down to my feet I imagined roots growing out and down through the floor into the earth.  I gave direction for the anxiety to flow into the earth and on the in breath I pulled in grounding energy.

Breath by breath I felt the anxiety was ‘pumping down in the earth’ and getting recycled with a purer, fresher flow.

My sense of being out of body changed to being in my body.  The unpleasant tingling began to subside.

As if on cue, Comet took his paw off my shoulder, and I spent the next few minutes just giving thanks for my body to return to homeostasis.

Today there is a subtle awareness of the anxiety and I’m going to just ‘give space’ for it, and if need be, go into the process completely, knowing, as I do from past work with Insight Reiki, this too shall pass.


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