Who is Rick Bockner?

What might it have been like over 30 years ago to be the last Reiki master student to receive training with Hawayo Takata?  Where might you be now?   How has your view of the world and of the practice of Reiki changed?

In a few months, I’ll have the honor of hosting this student, Rick Bockner, a Reiki master in his own right as he comes to Seattle, WA for three days of Reiki workshops entitled,  “In the Footsteps of Takata”.

Since his powerful attunement experiences of years past, Rick has been an active member in the Reiki Alliance, as well as cultivating his career as a well-known guitarist, songwriter and performer who has spent over 50 years exploring folk, blues and early jazz styles of music.

He began playing guitar when he was seven. Some of his teachers have included Pete Seeger, Mel Bay, Stefan Grossman, and Woody Mann. Rick was a member of the seminal 60’s San Francisco band, Mad River (Capitol Records). He is known for his lush fingerstyle arrangements and penetrating, intelligent lyrics.

He grew up in St. Louis, Missouri (USA) where his father worked as a social worker, using the music of Woody Guthrie, Leadbelly, and Pete Seeger in his work with children. Seeger was a frequent houseguest, and the family home was a stopping point for some of the best folk and blues musicians on tour in the 50’s. Music was in the home and Rick soon became attracted to learning the guitar. http://www.harbydarmusic.com/

Later in his career, as a child of the 60’s, Rick gravitated toward the study of Reiki.  His teacher was Hawayo Takata.  Mrs. Takata has been revered by many Reiki practitioners and masters as the teacher who ‘brought Reiki to the West’.  She had initiated 21 Reiki masters between 1970 and 1980 when Rick attended Mrs. Takata’s last advanced Reiki class and received his master attunement a few months before she left this world.  He became her 22nd and last master student.

At each level, Rick experienced profound changes in himself and his own worldview.

Rick is very serious and sacred about his practice of Reiki.  During the November 11-13th workshop at the lovely Camp Burton on Vashon Island (a short ferry ride from Seattle), Rick will be leading us all on the following journey:

Friday 11/11: Reiki 1 (open to all levels) Spend the day immersed in the gentle practice of hands-on healing. Hear stories passed down by Takata and how they relate to the essence of Reiki. Participate in Reiki exchanges with classmates and gain a new perspective on what healing energy can do.

Saturday 11/12: Reiki 2 (for Reiki 1 through master practitioners) Delve further into the distance healing method of Reiki as taught by Takata. Gain new appreciation for Reiki symbols and their infinite applications. Enhance your Reiki practice with symbol infusion!

Sunday 11/13: Reiki 3 (for Reiki 2 through master practitioners) Expand your awareness of what the Reiki master symbol can teach you. Learn Takata’s way of embodying Reiki mastership and rekindle your own appreciation for the transformational power of Reiki 3.

For more information on the retreat as well as updates and photos, please visit:  www.reikifellowship.com




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