Shapeshifting Insights

Last night I watched the film ‘The Secret’.  Not the movie about manifesting your intentions, but this movie stars David Duchovny.  In it, his  wife’s soul enters the body of his teenage daughter after a car accident they both are in.

It’s a great story line and the wife ends up learning much about her teenage daughter’s struggles and circumstance.  David is kind of caught in the middle, because he loves his wife, but um, she’s in his daughter’s body.  Awkward!

I’m reminded of a recent costume party I attended where I dressed up as my beloved Richard and he dressed up as me. Assuming the role of a guy was really, really liberating, as those in attendance witnessed.  I had a hard time giving up the character.  As a woman, I spend a lot of time on hair, make-up, dress, etc.  As a guy, just a pair of jeans, a shirt and a cap and you are ready to roll!  And as a woman, I spend a lot of time connecting and communicating with others.  As a guy, just the phrase “Hey, what’s up” was enough!

In Insight Reiki, I have an exercise for students to energetically shapeshift (costume optional) into the perspective a person or situation they would like further clarity on.  It’s often very profound what realizations come out of the experience.

Since it’s a mental exercise, the student is able to come back into their own psyche without issue.  But thinking about this movie I saw, what if you were actually ‘stuck’ in another person’s body?  I’ve witness a ‘temporary possession’ along the way as a Reiki practitioner where a discarnate spirit momentarily entered the body of the client I was working on.  The client later reported feeling cold and ’empty’ after the spirit left.

So, energetically it’s possible, but I wouldn’t recommend going out of your way to try it.  A safer approach would be the mental exercise, and a more fun option would be dressing up as ‘the other’ and seeing what awareness would come through.

Shapeshifting insights on a day that is starting with one weather pattern and moving into another.  Have fun!


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