How women cope with stress

Women in business and as entrepreneurs often wear many hats in their work.  Being in charge of your own ‘show’ can be as exhilarating as it can be exhausting.  I was curious as to how other women dealt with the stress that comes in running one’s own business.  I decided to take a survey of some other women in the helping professions and asked them what stress reducing techniques they found to be he most useful:

I find what helps me the most is: meditating, doing yoga, having a spiritual focus, being part of a
spiritual group, therapy/spiritual guidance, laughing, remembering to take a
breath and look my loved ones in the eyes, being with friends either phone,
email, or best of all in person. And my latest, drumming…  Anna  Satenstein, Director, Evergreen Health Care  Kirkland

The best way I handle the (sometimes many) stresses of having my own business is to just SURRENDER and get quiet.  Another technique I find helpful is to go to the waters edge and ponder ALL the grains of sand it takes to make a beach, which puts the “smallness” of my problems in perspective. Just knowing my tears blend with the saltwater becoming the mighty, strong oceans that nourish and bathe our Mother Earth makes me feel calm and somehow productive instead of stressed … Cyndy Maroney, CHt., R.C., Reiki III  Healing Heart Hypnotherapy & Reiki, Seattle

1)  Working a four day work week at the office and working from home one day
a week.  This gives me the chance to renew my energy a bit more before going
back into the day to day creation of the vision.

2)  Weekly massage – especially hot stone massage!  Offering support for
others who are experiencing challenging times in their lives can be
heartaching work – especially if I don’t release the emotions and energy
that I absorb.  Masage helps me to release the tension and emotion that I
store up all week and the stones are really grounding for me.

3)  Weekly support circle.  A few friends and I co-created a women’s
manifestion circle.  We share about our journey of creation, support each
other to take additional steps toward our dreams and provide a safe place to
express our fears and doubts as well as to celebrate our successes!

4)  To realize that manifesting a dream brings all our fears and doubts
rushing to the surface and that nothing is wrong when they do come – that
it’s inherently part of the process of creation.  Everyone that I know that
has followed a dream and created something really meaningful has faced many
internal challenges.  That’s a big part of what makes it so meaningful to
begin with!  Mariah Mannia, Founder/Director  Depression Wellness Network, Seattle


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