Traveling in the spirit of the Beatles

My favorite traveling music is the soundtrack from Across the Universe.  All the Beatles songs I grew up with in a new rendition.  Somehow, listening to it while in the airport security line makes me smile.  Here we are all together, going on our journeys, and yet, we all are experiencing the same process.  With the music flowing, I am more in the moment than looking at it as an ordeal.

I feel one of the many things that the Beatles left as a legacy for all of us is the ability for their songs to transcend time and place.  “Happiness is a Warm Gun” and the lines “I need a fix cause I’m going down” comes on and you look at people drinking their early morning lattes, stepping outside for a smoke, or laying sprawled out on the airport floor.

I see a few children running through the hall and “Strawberry Fields Forever” reminds me of that childhood innocence.

Of course, there is the other side of travel, the flight delays, especially now, after Hurricane Irene’s havoc on the East Coast.  “Helter Skelter” comes on and you see images of flooding, power lines down and realize that both sides of the Universe are in operation:  the peace and the frenzy.

And that’s where I give thanks for the honesty the Beatles put forth in their songs, they presented life the way it is:  the flowers and the dreams, the darkness and the dissolution.  The yin and the yang.

Thank you Beatles, thank you new rendition, and thank you humanity for continuing to be my teacher and my inspiration!



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