The benefits of leaping without a plan

I recently met a Reiki master from San Francisco, Anna Dorian of Vibrant Reiki, who had enough with the assault of urban life on her energy psyche and decided to jump over to Marin County to the north, after living many years in the city by the bay.

When we met, we talked about all the impressive outreach work both of us had been doing in our respective cities, but yet, in order to do the work, we needed to be able to structure our lives to honor our sensitive selves.  For both of us, that meant we needed to live in the periphery of a city rather than fully immersed in it.

Interestingly enough, we both went through similar processes to come to that understanding, releasing our possessions and letting go of our past lives, and leaving our ‘anchor cities’ for awhile in order to come back with renewed consciousness.  We both had let go and took leaps without a real ‘plan’ and yet, over the years, our work seemed to take on a life of it’s own.

We both agreed, the change has done us good.  And made us different than before.  So now we both, were honoring the call of being energy practitioners in the world.  I was inspired by Anna’s Reiki clinic and hope to bring a similar model back to Seattle.  Likewise, she applauded my work with Ronald McDonald House and the Duwamish.

Perhaps a Bay Area Urban Reiki Conference is in the making.  I’ll be back to San Fran October 27th to present at Crystal Way bookstore on  ‘Taking Reiki to the Mainstream’, so something is a brewing.  I’ve learned that leaping into something without the full plan defined is often suprisingly successful.  It’s a little scary, but I’m pretty trusting of the Universe.  Heading south from Seattle, I get ready to take the next jump!


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