Remembering grounding techniques for city life

I am reminded of all the grounding techniques I used to practice day-to-day when I resided in the busy city of Philadelphia, almost 15 years ago when I began my Reiki path.

Since that time, I realize my sensitivity has increased pretty dramatically.   On this latest trip to San Francisco I needed to remember all of the following just to function throughout the week:

1.  Blocking out city noise has been imperative to my sense of sanity.  Whether it is my iPod or my noise cancelling headphones, having some control over the noise going into my ears helps to reduce the stress of walking through the streets.

2.  Holding on to something grounding, in my case, a large chunk of hematite has helped in bringing me down to earth rather than fleeing energetically from all the sensory assaults a large city can bring.

3.  Taking detox baths at the end of each day, further releasing any built-up residue, both physically and energetically from mass humanity.

4.  Practicing Tonglen breathing as much as possible, meaning, on the in breath, acknowledging my own feelings of the moment and on the out breath, filling my own field with light.

5.  Reaching out and connecting with other like-minded individuals.  Cities can feel so anonymous when you are staying for a long time but not actually living there.  I go out of my way to meet with other energy workers so that I can learn about what they do and how they do it to live in light in an urban setting.

6.  Finding the right restaurant and/or the right food to help you remain grounded.  Your eating patterns change and you take in unfamiliar food and surroundings.  Noisy eateries don’t help my overstimulated nervous system, so it took some time to locate a quieter place that served food more thoughtfully.  Eventually, I came across a creperie that had only one or two customers in the whole place.  The crepes are light, but filled with yummy roasted veggies and cheese.  I feel nourished and not drained.

7.  Carrying a piece of home with me.  I have many pictures of my house, my cats and scenes from my life away from the city that make me smile.  Those pictures help me for a moment get back in touch with my own being when in a new environment.

These techniques have kept me sane in the chaos that comes with a populous city.  I’m glad to have visited and know I’ll be back to do a Reiki presentation later this year, but I’m more excited to return to my home base of Seattle.

Yes, it is is a city, but a city surrounded by water, trees, mountains and rivers.  It’s a manageable metropolis for me, where I don’t have to constantly practice all the above-mentioned techniques.  I’ll blog about Seattle and it’s merits another time, but I always realize when I travel away from my city the reason why it is my home base.

The city of Seattle itself, actually grounds me.


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