A little bit about me and my work

If you were ever curious as to the extend about the work I have done, here is an expanded bio I’ve written for the Reiki Digest edition that will be published this month:

Eileen Dey, M.A., LMHC has been working in the field of Reiki for over 15 years, combining her background as a licensed mental health counselor with the energy modality to create her own technique of Insight Reiki©.

She is also the founder and director of the only licensed vocational school of Reiki, The Reiki Training Program with branches both in Spokane and Seattle, WA.  This Program has taught over 1000 students from over 20 countries and has it’s own outreach and alumni organization, The Reiki Fellowship.

The Reiki Fellowship has been responsible for beginning an innovative Reiki training program for the Seattle Veteran’s Center, having taught over 35 veterans since it has been established, assisting veterans from all campaigns to manage and work with their symptoms of PTSD.

The Reiki Fellowship has also been responsible for bringing Reiki into health care facilities, such as the long-term care facility Horizon House, in Seattle, WA and will be starting a program to offer sessions and classes to families, staff and the children they serve at Ronald McDonald house.

Over the years, the Fellowship has been active in giving Reiki demonstrations and talks to dozens of community events, setting up their own ‘Reiki booth’ filled with activities for all ages.

In October of 2011, the Fellowship will also complete over a year of providing Reiki healing to the polluted Duwamish River in King County, having performed monthly blessings with song, chant and Reiki offerings.  This has assisted in enhancing awareness about the river as well as serving as a bonding community event.

A community Reiki clinic is also being formed and will serve both as a local alternative health resource and practicum for advanced Reiki students.

Eileen is also the author of Touching the World Through Reiki, available on Amazon.com and Kindle and completed over 20,000 miles of an international book tour, spreading the word of Reiki and reaching out to each city where she presented, finding out about individual and regional needs.

The book tour encompassed the states of Montana, Washington, Oregon, California, Arizona, Louisiana, Mississippi, New Jersey and the farthest point, Corfu, Greece.

Eileen also recorded and produced several guided meditation CD’s that has served as both teaching tools to students and inspiration for each listener.

The latest development for the Fellowship has been to coordinate and bring various Reiki teachers and speakers together in ‘Reiki Retreats’ as continuing education offerings for the community.

The first such retreat will be held November 11-13th on Vashon Island, WA and feature Rick Bockner, the last taught Reiki master of Hawayo Takata.

For more information, please visit www.reikifellowship.com and www.reikitrainingprogram.com


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