The way of the sage

Traveling away from home for me is always a stretch in comfort and adjustment.  With that, in invoke the way of the sage.  Going from place to place and taking in the moment, the energy of each situation.

I remember a long time ago travel guru Rick Steves had said that travel ‘speeds up life’, and in many ways, the lessons learned on the road have often propelled me into new ways of knowing.

This trip I’ve been on the last week, I came to the realization that my knowing is about my own limitations, energetically and personally and coming to a place of acceptance when I just can’t ‘push on’ any further.

I’ve also realized that the more you listen to people, you realize how much we all have the same concerns and all seek happiness and contentment as a goal.

So it seems to me that struggling and as Buddha would say, suffering, is all around us, but that sense of peace, that sense of contentment is right there inside.

It’s just giving oneself time and space to feel it.  And contentment isn’t necessarily ‘woo-hoo wow!!’.  Sometimes, for me, it even feels a bit melancholy.  Being in the knowing that even this contentment will pass.  But diving deeper into contentment, I feel it as a sense of being in the present and not looking forward or back.  Just here now.

On the road, I’ve experienced some amazing interactions ‘in the now’ that seem to shine a light into the nature of what connects us all.  Words make it difficult to express.

I heard a cello player in the airport as I arrived in Portland on my way back to Seattle.  The sad and lingering notes brought me right into the present, into a feeling of my inner wisdom.  Of my inner reality.  When I spoke to the musician he told me he hand-made his cello, and his playing embraced not only the artist he is, but the artist in all of us needing voice.  It was a beautiful moment in time.

I bow to the wisdom of the eternal sages and to the inner sage that knows when truth is ever-present.  I take this awareness back to my daily life, keeping it kindled with music and pause for reflection.


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