The only constant is change

I so wish it weren’t true sometimes.  It’s nice to have a perceived ‘foothold’ on reality, a predictability.  But it’s certainly not the case.  Each day, heck, each moment is in flux, the air molecules you take in right now are different than the ones just a second ago.

Your cells second to second are changing.  As does the world and life around us.  It is a constant in our lives and sometimes, that change seems much more sped up than not.

When the changes in life seem absolutely overwhelming to to me, I always come back to my breath and my self-Reiki practice.  Those are centering constants, in the midst of change.

The next few months will be another focus in my life on the concept of ‘transition’.  In location, in role, and walker in the world.  Grounding has never been my strong point, I’m a ‘double Sagittarius’ with an Aries moon, which means for me, I’ve got a lot of fire energy that keeps making, creating and moving forward.

But the balance for my world is to find that center in the midst of the constant.  When I get the glimpse in self-Reiki, I can easily breathe into it, and hear my own inner thoughts say, “Now what were you worried about?  The unknown?  It’s all unknown, really”, and I end up laughing, as the Buddha would, and realize yes, this is a truth.

My Dad recently gave me a plaque that says the famous quote, “Be the change you want to see in the world” by Gandhi.  So, when the transitions start to come down the pike, I choose to resonate with them.  To become them, and if they don’t feel right, I will do my ‘Reiki Aikido’ maneuver, which is, flowing into another form, becoming what I want to see.


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