How my life changed after 9/11

Like everyone reminiscing this week, I remember where I was when I heard the news.  I was living in the University District of Seattle and my friend Tom called me and in a panic told me to turn on the TV.  He was telling me America was under attack.  My initial thought was, ‘No, this can’t be, what’s Tom talking about?’.

And then, like a lot of people, I was glued to my TV for hours.  Having grown up just 15 miles outside of NYC the cityscape skyline was always present as were those two towers.  As a child, I went on field trips into and up them.  As an adult I had an interview there as well.

And watching them fall, I had a visceral reaction to what was happening to all the people in them and around the world.

I finally left the house that day and walked down the street amazed that life in Seattle was still functioning normally.  I heard the president’s broadcast on a radio in a store.  I wrote my thoughts to soothe myself.

The next day, I went down to Seattle Center with many others, in solemn remembrance, and found other healing circles in which to offer prayers.  I even lugged my Reiki table onto the Greenlake park nearby and made a sign:  “Peace starts within–free Reiki sessions”.

As the months passed, the clients I saw were grieving a collective grief.  The whole nation was.  I went back to Ground Zero a few months later as part of my own process.

My desire to keep providing Reiki to the world only increased.  I approached the veteran’s center because as a counselor I knew the soldiers we were sending to war would be returning with trauma that Reiki could assist in managing.

My own relationship at the time began to go through changes.  My ex-husband became more introverted and focused on writing.  Our worldviews for peace and education were similar but the way in which we handled our changing world was one factor in our relationship coming to an end.

Now it’s 10 years later.  The economy is in peril.  A lot of lives have been lost, and yet, somehow as humans we all keep on keeping on.

I think many Americans have become less naive, I know me, one of them.  But I’ve always tried not to ‘live in fear’ but to celebrate life instead.  And with that, I continue my healing mission.  The world will always need it.  With that, I can find a sense of stability through all the change that has occurred and always will.



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