Reunion with the beloved

It’s been 4 days since I last saw my beloved.  I await his presence.  His new job, which requires much travel, takes on the new meaning of ‘absence makes the heart grow stronger’.

What I’ve come to realize, when he is away, is that I’m fine, well and good on my own.  However, when we are united, in the same place, life, most definitely, takes on new meaning.

I’ve had quite a few long-term relationships in my life, but this one, well, it goes beyond anything I have ever experienced before.  I’ve of course, heard of the term ‘soul mates’, and I would have to say, my current beloved, well, he fits the bill.

The reunion, after absence, is like something that’s often hard to describe.  It’s not a first date, we’ve been together over five years, but it has a similar feel.  A re-aquaintence.  Where are we now, physically, after being apart?  What’s changed?  What’s new?

I went through a similar process last year on my book tour, when I was the one being gone for stretches at a time.  It’s always different when you are the one leaving, taking the adventure.

When you are the one ‘left behind’ it adds to the drama and the emotion.

So this is where I find myself, awaiting my beloved’s return.  I sigh.  I declare myself and to the world a very independent woman…and yet, I am captured in the embrace of love.  Call me romantic.

It’s a beautiful thing.  I’m glad, finally, in my middle life, I’m able to experience such joy and connection.   Maybe that’s what all the trial and error of the prior relationships were about.

The best part, my beloved is also a Reiki master.  I tell my students, your significant other doesn’t have to be one, but it sure helps.  You can talk the same language and not get strange looks.  You can be supported in your endeavors to become what you wish to.

I didn’t plan on this blog to be a soliloquy to my beloved, but I guess it has.  I love you Richard, and I thank you for being you and loving me.  I look forward to seeing you soon.


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