Letting go of the need to get it all done

Like most everyone, I’ve got that long list of To-Do’s.  The beginning of the week is always the start of checking off that list.  But when the list keeps growing at the same frequency of your checking-off, that’s when you have a choice, either action or non-action.

So, I’m doing an experiment of letting go of the things that need what I think is attention.  This is a big step for me.  My modus operandi tends to be action, action, and then, more action, mixed in with a bit of reflection.

But I’m looking at that list.  It’s just too big for any one person to try and accomplish.  I’ve delegated where I am able to, met the deadlines I’m accountable for..but the other pieces, well, like the sands of time, I just won’t be able to get to them.  They are going to fall away.

This includes the self-imposed list of daily exercise, watching the diet, keeping in touch, keeping current with the news and running a household.

I’m not saying I’m letting all of it go, but some of it, for now, has to stand aside.  And with that decision comes a sense of freedom, of space, a breathing space.

I take a really, really looooonnng breath.  And again.  And another one.

Did those other things really need to be on the list in the first place?  Who imposed that law?

I remember when I went through the Artist’s Way process the first time, the author of that book, Julia Cameron questioned students on the path, did they really need to make their beds in the morning?  Were they still doing that ritual as adults for some other reason besides having a ‘nice’ looking bedroom?  (i.e.  hoping to get the approval of their parents, guardians, siblings?)

So long ago I stopped making my bed in the morning unless I felt like having it all neat helped me.  Sometimes it does, when I work from home, having things ‘in order’ helps my thought process.  Other times, it makes no difference.

But for the rest of that to-do list, I’m tossing it aside.  Like I said, it’s a bit of an experiment.  Let’s see what happens.  How chaotic things will get remains to be seen.  But I’m not afraid of chaos.  Or disorder.  Bring it on.

For now, for this moment, I’m not engaging in all things expected.  I choose that over trying to fit it all in.



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