Dreaming about Armageddon

I destroyed the city I live in last night in my dreams.  I took large fireballs and starting pounding downtown, buildings exploded and then collapsed, with the bay finally crashing into the streets.  It looked just like a movie, but in my dream, I was the one doing it while my spiritual teacher watched.  He asked me, “Are you satisfied with your result?”  I looked at the devastation and realized I actually could have done more damage, so I said, “No, it could have more thoroughly executed.  I forgot to unleash the dead.”

Reality check:  In my real life, I’ve never intentionally harmed anyone or anything, let alone gone to war or killed a living thing.  I’m an advocate for peace and light and love.

I had the realization in the middle of the dream that all of this was a dream and that unleashing the dead, well, would probably not be a good thing for Seattle, let alone the world.

So, I spent the rest of the dream organizing an army of archangels, ascended masters, and  wise sages to counterbalance the release of the dead and hopefully prevent total annihilation.

I awoke before witnessing that final scene.  But instead of finding myself in a panic, like, “Oh no, what I have I done!”,  I find myself this morning actually kind of exhilarated.

Like, “Wow, that’s some pretty impressive power for one person to have!”

I’ve realized you try things in dreams, you get in touch with your moral compass.  The feeling of being able to destroy things is very powerful, the fact that you can.  But whether  felt or experienced in dream or reality, that’s not power, real power is having all the ability to destroy something and yet choosing not to.

As healers and practitioners it’s important to realize we do have a certain power-to influence, and to assist in one’s healing process.  But to have sole dominion over an individual or group, well, that’s ego gone awry.

Why my dreamtime had to be so violent is curious to me, but I’ve learned to trust that and realize that an inner process is working itself out.  Probably has to do with my upcoming transition to living in a new place for a period of time, a chance to re-create myself and my work .

But the psyche, the subconscious, I have deep respect for, and the latent power within, I bow in honor of what it is capable to do, not only in me, but in the whole world.  And thankfully, as I look outside today, Seattle is happily still here and thriving.






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  1. propertyinseattle
    Sep 21, 2011 @ 12:45:35

    Thank you for sharing! I have been having recurring dreams about an earthquake. I am witnessing the earthquake, the distruction and the chaos. It seems very real. Unlike you, I’m not the one “doing” anything or someone with control over it. I am not distressed and although there is a lot of destruction, it feels like everything overall is just fine.

  2. reikitrainingprogram
    Sep 21, 2011 @ 13:10:55

    Interesting dream. I’ve had other ones that reoccur about destruction, this one I was influencing. I don’t feel it’s prophecy, but more a personal process, nonetheless, always a surprise!

  3. rjonm
    Sep 22, 2011 @ 12:54:22

    Interesting – destroy old structures, wake the “dead”, and summon the teachers. Sounds good.

  4. reikitrainingprogram
    Sep 22, 2011 @ 13:24:02

    Interesting times for sure!

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