Harnessing the creative juice

For those that are interested, Seattle has live figure drawing just about every day of the week.  Schedules can be found on www.seattlefiguredrawing.com.

Last night I attended a live figure drawing class, my third over this year as part of my continued exploration in visual arts.

I’ve taken art intensives over the years, but a continuous class in applied drawing is as much challenge as it is reward.

I see where my technical skills are lacking and I’m also amazed at how I can end up capturing the ‘moment’ of a given subject.

Last night’s model was a woman dressed as a Mayan Indian.  Her costume was beautiful, raw and tribal.  Percussion music played in the studio as we all attempted to capture our impressions on the page.

By the end of two hours, I had done seven sketches and the mental focus was starting to wear me down.

Yet, the creativity unleashed still continues to flow through me into this day.

Pursuing art in any form, I’ve found, always ends up spilling the creativity into other areas.  I’ve said this before but creativity and Reiki come from the same source.  You can never give or get too much of it.

I’m finding a renewed commitment to completing the audiobook version of my hard copy I wrote last year, and beginning to make space for the next book that is gaining shape.

Looking forward, I foresee more drawing and painting classes and maybe even a few to focus on the techniques to make shadow and form come alive.


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