Paying attention to each moment

So lately I’ve started sketching with charcoal.  Spurred on by last’s week’s venture into live figure drawing, I’ve kept up the practice each day.

Like blogging each day, I might not feel ‘in the mood’ to engage, but I still show up on the page.  I find that taking half an hour to sketch, really anything, seems to begin bringing me back to center.  I notice when I’m really focused on trying to get the line or shadow ‘right’ and I relax a bit.  These drawings are for me, ok, well, I enjoy sharing them with Facebook, but I’m not out to ‘impress’.

I’m not attached to the result, just taking time, moment by moment to see what will happen on the page.

Sometimes it’s fun.  Other times, like drawing these flowers, ugh, tedious.  And I love to doodle flowers with pen and paper.  But paying attention to each leaf, each petal, now, that’s another story.

But, paying attention keeps my mind totally focused.  It’s a brain workout.  I feel engaged after I’ve spent time at the drawing pad.

When I feel complete (usually at about half an hour, once and awhile it goes an hour), I stop.  And I feel then I’m ready to start back up with work or correspondence to my clients and students.

For now, it’s another interesting discovery of taking up a practice to see where it may lead me.


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