Art with the artists

There is nothing more fun than doing art with other artists.  I had the opportunity to do some sketching while the men I know, my domestic partner and his son jammed some impromptu jazz.  It was pretty darn cool.  Beatniks eat your heart out!

Todd, Richard’s son, is a 19 year old coming of age with his trumpet.  Richard, well into his prime, is a base player who knows some incredible licks.  When both of them get together, they end up making more than music, they create a harmony that is defined by their biological relationship.

For me as their witness, it’s an opportunity to hold creative space while I engage in attempting to capture the inspired moment.

Now, I’ve tried to learn piano good enough to accompany musicians, but in this instance, I had to go beyond any kind of form in order to create something good enough to put down on paper.

The two of them were oblivious to my drawings, lured on by finding the perfect riff.

For me, another opportunity to practice art, this time, with artists.  Being in community, well, gives me permission to try things I might not do in working solo.

I feel renewed and restored, holding space and creating it, being a part of this creation.

This lends new meaning to getting it all down and seeing where the process evolves.  Who know what remains after the work is done, but something completely new has been born.


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