Journey to the spirit world through art

Last night another drawing session took me into the magical realms of fairytale.  The child spirit of the woman I was sketching started to come through and I ‘saw’ her as a pixie of the garden.

What’s so curious about this exploration into live figure drawing is the inspiration that happens when you are beginning to give definition to lines.  I’m coming to realize the ‘finished product’ will look vastly different than what is sitting before you.

In this case, in ‘reality’, the model was dressed up and holding a parasol to be reminiscent of a turn-of-the-century Parisian.  That’s not what I saw.  It’s like I saw through her into another reality.  She was wanting to play amongst growing plants instead of freezing in place before the other artists for twenty minutes at a time.

Interesting and curious as I say.  This stretching of imagination has also impacted my night-time dreamworld.

I’ve been taking deep journeys, meeting sages, seeing visions for the future, and when I return to waking consciousness I’m a bit disoriented for awhile.

This morning I envisioned a complete conversation with my partner.  When I opened my eyes I wondered why he hadn’t gotten me the water I had asked for.  He said with a smile, ‘You’ve been dreaming, you didn’t ask me out loud’.  I nodded back into twilight sleep.  Then I heard the alarm and was waiting for him to turn it off because he had told me he would.  Again, he smiled, and said, ‘Honey, you are still waking up’.

But being the sweetheart he is, he did go get me a real cup of water and turn off the alarm.  But from my perspective, he had done it twice!

I still feel somewhat in that in between world.  I have a certain peace about it now, in that not having all the thoughts of what needs to happen through this day may or may not get attended to.

I’ll bring my sketch pad out into the city today and see who will next manifest from the blank page.  I think this experience is the part of the artist that walks between both worlds.  I feel it’s part of my further development as an energy practitioner.

Some people go on shamanic journeys, some take hallucinogens, some go into deep meditation for weeks at a time.

I’m exploring these states through charcoal, pencil and paper.  I embrace the next turn of the page!


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