Watching from afar

I often walk in Westcrest park in West Seattle to help clear my mind and take in the beautiful views of downtown.  Removed from the busy streets, I felt as I sketched that I was watching all of the urban center from afar.

Much of my Reiki and artistic life is taking several steps back from the way the mainstream ebbs and flows.  Yet, my whole desire with my work is to bring a sense of enlightenment into that stream.

Perhaps this witnessing is due to me not being attached in the regular rhythms of city life.  It allows me to have the perspective and flickers of wisdom that assist my clients and students and bring me the opportunity to devote time to my craft.

But like this drawing, it often makes me feel a bit isolated at times.  A sense of seeing all the possibilities, just there, beyond the hill.  But how do I reach them?  How do they find me?

I’ve realized that the work I do is not for everyone to receive, not everyone wants it, which is what makes free will and choice such an incredible birthright.

But there are many who could benefit from it and yet, I wonder, how else to get my message across?

In my drawing, it would be easy to outline a large banner in the sky, ‘Feel the Shift…Reiki!’…or if that didn’t work in getting attention, I could erase it and try another slogan, ‘Don’t look now but Reiki is raining down on you!’.

Easy to muse when it’s just you and the paper.  But it gives me an idea for another sketch…maybe this one of the world I’d like to see.  The way I’d like to see Reiki integrated into the fabric of a city.  Hmmm…creating the next draft…


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