A gremlin-infused day

Look closely and you’ll see a little one-eyed gremlin on that post.  I saw him yesterday on my ferry ride out across the waters to the Kitsap peninsula.  It was my artist date and seeing the green monster at the end of my journey made me smile.

It was day filled with plans only partially coming to fruition.  I sketched a bit, but nothing I did made me feel especially artistic.  I didn’t even complete one drawing.  Later, I tried catching a bus to another town only to notice the bus route was cancelled.  I walked down a long road only to realize it was a circle back to my starting point. When I got back to Seattle, I was hoping to meet some friends later on, but bowed out because I was just too tired.

Like the gremlin, who’s often mischievous in nature, I felt like their was a little bit of that infused into my day. The weather also seemed to mirror my experience.  It started out sunny, then it rained, then it was cloudy and finally a last bit of sun.  So at the end of it, I have to just submit to that energy.

When the flow gets going in a certain direction, attempting to change course is just going against what is to happen, it feels odd, like swimming against the stream.

I think it goes back to trusting your inner compass.  I’ve cultivated a strong gauge over the years of practicing Reiki.  When my consciousness says ‘no’ or ‘do not proceed’, I’ve learned to trust it.  It hasn’t failed me yet.

So, thank you little gremlin for reminding me to realize some things are just beyond my control, tomorrow’s always another opportunity to try again.


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