To shield or not shield?

What happens when we as sensitive individuals try to deal with difficult situations that overwhelm us, like workplaces that are toxic or large gatherings that throw us off balance?  Do we shield?  In my recent Reiki 1 class the topic of energetic shielding became a good dialogue.

I was initially taught by one teacher to put 20 various shield around my energy body–flames, mirrors, purple light, torches, etc.  After putting all 20 on, I felt very heavy and actually scared of the world.  Because fear acts like a magnet, I ended up attracting to me all that which I was trying to protect myself against.

So, I abandoned the shielding idea for many years and instead chose to come from a place of inner light to radiate that into my field, ‘fluffing’ it up and have dealt with adverse situations more effectively.

But I’m a big proponent for others to ‘try it out’ for themselves and come to their own truth.  If 20 shield, or maybe just one works from you, and you aren’t coming from a fear-based place, but one of strength and knowing that you are a sensitive being, then go for it.

There are too many things in the world to be afraid of, I’m not saying leap into the world without common sense, but I am saying, don’t be so scared.  Sometimes fear is a good opportunity for growth.  It challenges us to stretch ourselves.  It also reminds us who we truly are.

For years I hated going to sporting events because I became overwhelmed by all the screaming fans and masses of people.  I just chose not to go.  Then, I started to think, wow, I’m limiting my own experiences.  What if I ‘fluff’ up my energy field, come to the event with an open mind (i.e. seeing it with fresh eyes) and see what happens.

Lo and behold, I actually enjoyed being at the last baseball game I went to.  I still think arenas and stadiums for me personally are still a bit challenging, but I’ve learned to navigate them.  Without the shield, but with the inner sword of light.


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