The Heart of Art

Yesterday, teaching and diving into Insight Reiki all day helped to release the statement “The Heart of Art”. My heart feels filled with light today.

For those unfamiliar with Insight Reiki, it is a technique I developed which combines mindful conversation and observations into the Reiki session to release blocks and facilitate insight.

It is a process a practitioner can do on themselves or also on their clients.  During the self-Insight Reiki sessions, I brought the question of what I will be doing on my upcoming trip to Southern California.

Yes, Reiki, of course, but it felt like something more.  So I just gave my whole being space.  I’ll be in Santa Monica for an extended stay, what more was there?

And then clear as if someone had spoken it to me, I heard the phrase ‘The Heart of Art”.  Almost immediately I felt lighter.  I saw myself doing all kinds of art that I do, painting, drawing and even sculpting (something I haven’t pursued but always wanted to).

The important thing I always tell my students in performing Insight Reiki, just like ‘regular’ Reiki, is not to be attached to the outcome of the session.

So when I do self-sessions, I think of them more as a journey.  Let’s see where this will take me.  And as I say, always ‘be prepared to be surprised’.

For more information on Insight Reiki, there is a chapter in my book, Touching the World Through Reiki, devoted to the process as well as a guided meditation CD that I recorded.  You can click the link on the CD to hear a sample.  If you are in Seattle or Spokane, or, if you would like the class to come to you,  you can take the workshop and learn the simple yet profound process too.





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