Sharing the burden of Reiki 2

Facilitating Reiki for practitioners is a communal experience of sharing the burden of now having tools to allow healing to happen on all levels and knowing when to use them and in what way.

A bit like rowing a boat together, sometimes we get in ‘synch’ and other times, we have to re-center and try again.

Reiki level 2 for me almost always feels that way.  No longer beginners, these students want more and they want to know what to do.  But as facilitator, it’s always for me, about taking it slow and practicing while the students want to rush into the water and start to play.

Feels like parenting, reigning them in a bit, saying ok, here’s where you can go, here’s kind of out of bounds for now, but bring it back over here.

For me, the level is probably the most exhausting to teach, but probably just as rewarding, because suddenly, practitioners go from knowing Reiki as a generalization to having 3 symbols that are quite specific in their application.

Phew!  I used to teach the course over two days, but I’ve found that a one-day intensive is just as powerful, if not more so, because it gets pared down and is more focused.

And now the ‘fun’ begins because there is soooo much more to experiment with and try and see what happens.  Reiki truly out of the box.

But for now, after the day is done, I’m just gliding back on my kayak, letting the current take me home!

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