The hard work of holding space

After 2 full consecutive days of preparing for and facilitating transformational workshops, I’m taking most of the day off.  The hard work involved is always worth it for both me and my classes, but it’s a side of being a teacher in the healing arts most don’t often see.

‘Setting the stage’ for each class, requires careful preparation and planning, and organizing last-minute details.  Then there is the actual class itself, dealing with student questions and concerns, administrating the content,dealing with the unanticipated interruptions due to schedule conflicts of others who share the same space where you teach.

And how about all the unforseen circumstances:  Students showing up late, or not showing up at all, getting lost on the way to class, running out of time and having to reschedule certain aspects that weren’t covered.

And that’s just logistical issues.  Emotionally and energetically, you need to be available as a teacher to your students concerns regardless of whatever else is going on.

It’s hard work holding all that space.  And even when I teach in other facilities, where they have employed logical coordinators (via their administrative staff), it’s still a long and intense ride.

I’ve worked many other jobs prior to coming into self-employment and training others.  Sometimes there were whole weeks that seemed to wear and tear on me.  But there was always a boss or the ‘system’ to blame.

Self-employment is a little harder because you are the boss, and if things didn’t go as planned you’ve got one very personal person to call out.

So, I’ve found, days off help, and self-care is mandatory.  Getting clear in both body and mind sometimes takes me the whole day following a teaching intensive.  Exercise, meditation, and sometimes fasting assist.

And then bless the homeostatic nature of one’s body to return to balance.  But for me, it always takes time, and luckily, today I have that option.  I choose rest.

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