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In a few weeks I’m shifting posts to the Los Angeles area for several months.  The Reiki Training Program and Fellowship will continue to offer a regular classes, sessions and circles in Seattle and Spokane.  I’ve found stepping aside in times past allows more room for existing Reiki masters and practitioners to grow their practices and infuse my school with additional energy.

But not everyone is happy about it.  People get used to relying on a certain teacher day in and day out.  But as I’ve told the Reiki community, I’m still available by Skype, phone and email for any sessions that might be required during my absence.

For those that have done such transitions before, leaving behind that which is familiar to leap into that which is not can be daunting.  But from my own prior experience, I can say, the act of ‘letting go’, if only for awhile, always makes more manifest.  I know, hard to believe at times when you can’t actually see the ‘net’ that will appear, but it always does, and in ways you never quite expected.

So, in Los Angeles, specifically Santa Monica, the Reiki Training Program has a chance to create new roots.  To develop a Reiki standard for California.  Those aren’t small potatoes.  I’ll be meeting with the coordinator of a Shiatsu school in that area this weekend, perhaps that will be the initial home base.

The Reiki sanctuary in Seattle will be occupied by a combination of full-time housesitters as well as teachers, so the energy and integrity of this school will continue to permeate West Seattle.

The bi-monthly Reiki circles at East West will also continue to be facilitated, and sessions offered there every Tuesday.

I’m also looking forward to having more time to devote to another writing project, ‘Touching the World Through Reiki part 2″ so-to-speak.  I’ll also have more opportunities to practice my art of drawing and painting.

If you have friends, colleagues or other networks you think would be valuable, please pass on.  Another chapter in the ongoing evolution this work in the world is about to begin.

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