Playing in the Reiki Closet

Loved this post, wanted to republish!

Yesterday I had the honor of attuning 3 children, all under the age of 4, with their Reiki moms to level 1.

It has been awhile since I last attuned such younglings, back in November in New Orleans, I worked with a practitioner there and her children.

So my dear colleague and fellow Reiki master/children’s literary specialist Samar also came to help.

We set pillows up in my Reiki room along with paper and markers so that after each attunement the children could draw their experiences.  As always, I’m surprised and awed by what occurs.

One little girl drew her hand with a wide yellow aura around it and said later to her mom that’s what her hands felt like during the attunement.  Another little boy drew spirals and seemed very giddy indeed.

The children all got up and started saying that they ‘loved the Reiki closet’, referring to my Reiki room.  I had never heard it described that way, but I suppose, like a closet, the Reiki room is a safe and maybe mysterious container for much discovery.

Afterwards, during a brief sun break, we went into the garden and gave our vegetables and cherry tree some Reiki love having a lot of fun taking this healing work outdoors.

Samar graced us with her creative storytelling, grown-ups and little ones captivated by a powerful story on giving space for feelings.  It made some of us teary-eyed.

The Reiki moms are all Reiki masters, so I told them all to continue the learning journey with each of their dear ones.

We had our grand finale playing with didgeridoos, drums, and tuning forks talking about how Reiki is like sound…pure vibration.

As they all left, my heart was big and wide and I was happy to have everyone come and spend the morning playing in the Reiki closet.


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