Creating a home base

It’s taken me 12 years to create a solid home base in Seattle from which to create a very fulfilling life and work environment.  Now, the challenge is creating a similar base for the time in which I will spend winters in Santa Monica.

It’s a daunting feeling to immerse myself again in tapping into a new community and culture and perceive the ‘vibe’ of a new town.  At the same time, there is excitement in creating anew, all the possibilities for what that will look like.

In the last day, I’ve looked at artist lofts, mega-apartment complexes, beach cottages and standard condos.  All could be formed into a home base, but some seem to stand out, and they do so, based on what I’ve learned in the Emerald City to the north.

For one, working with energy for so long, the place has to have a ‘good feel’.  If it’s too sterile, stuffy, boxy and uninspiring, it becomes a challenge to live, let alone work out of the space.

Having a view is not a necessity, but that ‘view’ whether of mountains, ocean or the city, needs to be within walking distance for inspiration.

Being in close proximity to a community center, library or shopping area is going to be mandatory, as when we live here, we are only having one car, and for those that have lived or are from L.A., you know the lack of public transportation I’m talking about.

Ideally, a little open space outside, whether a patio or a garden, to at least feel a breeze now and then as well as provide a space for my 2 kitties to enjoy.

So I go forward into the weekend with those requirements in my psyche, projecting them out to the spaces I will see.  I call upon the ‘etheric guides’ of establishing the home and hearth for assistance for unforseen places I might stumble upon.

I keep the image of the ‘Welcome’ mat in my mind as well, “Could I place it on this doorstep?”.  If the answer is ‘yes’, then, aah, sigh, from here, I can begin to build.

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