Love: The frequency of existence

I don’t ever want to forget the experience of walking into the rainforest in the Pacific Northwest and feeling/hearing the woods tell me ‘All is love”.  This is all love.  All of this.  The stream flowing, the rocks on the shore, the sand that was the rocks, the bushes low to the ground, and the trees.  The immense, ancient trees.  Radiating love.

Love is all there is.  I know the Beatles said it, but they were singing truth.  The woods brought on such intense emotion.  I kept crying, weeping, sobbing.  My partner was with me and he was initially scared, not knowing how to handle my sudden, very full, emotion.  I eventually could communicate it, the truth was so incredible sublime and beautiful.

I felt overwhelmed, connected and saddened.  Saddened because for so, so long I have felt often isolated, despite my connection to Reiki and to source.  I often see myself separate from Reiki, that it flows through me, me being a separate channel…but in reality it is me.  I am love, it is love, all of it.  The basic building blocks of life is love.  If you want to call it an atom or DNA or a subatomic particle….its basically love.

Plants grow and die, decompose.  Animals hunt and kill, rocks erode away.  Its still all love.  Memories and records of what has gone on before is also love. The memories the forest have of what it was, of what its gone through, of what it is becoming.  All of it, the memory particles, the wave forms, its love.

Thats why we are all one (because we are composed of the same matter/wave–love)…and why everything is connected to everything…its all love.

So when you don’t understand something, its love being presented in a different form or shape than you are used to.  When you are repelled by a certain person or situation its because its not the kind of love you prefer.  Thats our free will.

When you embrace the notion that all is love it takes the charge, the response of what is right/wrong, what I should be doing, not doing out of the equation.

After my experience in the woods, I came back home and had a Reiki circle.  The whole time all I could hear in my head was ‘All is Love’.  The people that were there, the room, the heat from the lamps, the music.  Not ‘just’ Reiki.  Yes, that is love, but everything else too.  The Reiki allows for the same stillness that exists in the woods.  Plants and rocks and the earth are still.  So they continually ‘channel’ that truth.  The more ancient that tree, the stronger the channel.  Thats what I felt there…emanating from the stumps, from the earth…the truth.

The challenge (which even that is love!) is to never lose sight of this truth in the midst of day to day chores, dealings, bills, arguments, disappointments, disease, sickness, death, poverty, disappointment.  Thats life.  And life, all of life is love.

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