Embracing Life through Reiki

Too often we fill our days with to-do lists, tasks, meeting other’s obligations.  Reiki, for me, is a way to slow down and embrace the moment, embrace life, right where it is.

Sometimes it’s incredibly ‘perfect’, things falling into place, bumping into the right person, many blessings abounding all around.

Other times, and seemingly most of the time, things tend to feel ‘incomplete’, ‘unknown’, even worrisome.

But I’ve come to accept more and more that the unknown is really part of each day, part of our experience here on this planet.  Everything is constantly shifting and changing.

People talk about the ‘big shift’ coming as 2012 draws closer, but I think there have been many big shifts throughout time and space, from the development of the printing press, to the discovery of electricity, to the dawn of the computer age.  All these things have shifted the way we communicate and find out about the world.

A lot of information, and then by default, comparison of ourselves to others, has filled our world in the last decade, so that measuring stick we used to use to see how we are doing suddenly got longer and higher…and maybe accounts for that stronger sense of ‘unease’ of being with the unknown.

Especially since we can instantaneously send messages.  Why shouldn’t we instantly get a message on what to do and how to do it.

Or be able to forecast the future.

Some of us possess more psychic ability than others, but nothing ever, is crystal clear.  Only this moment.  This breath.  This instance.

Slowing down is what enables me to see more clearly.  To let go of all the data that accumulates in my psyche, not just through what I read, see or hear, but from the invisible waves of cellular and computer technology passing through my body on any given day.

Reiki allows me to embrace life, even when no direct answer appears.  It offers a sense of comfort and finally, a sense of peace.


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